Nonfiction is the bread and butter of publishing. Far more nonfiction gets published than fiction; indeed, the profits from nonfiction help support those far less profitable novels. One reason is that publishers have a ready market for these books—libraries. If you’re having trouble finding representation for your fiction, this reality of the industry is possibly one reason why.

Because of this reality, agents and publishers are far more actively looking for unique nonfiction projects. By nonfiction, I mean memoir, travel writing, cookbooks, self-help, academic textbooks, non-academic treatments of the humanities and sciences, examinations of politics and current events, and narrative nonfiction.

If you are a journalist, academic, or passionate devotee to something engaging to a wider audience, it’s time to further hone your research skills, boot up the computer, and write a Nonfiction Proposal. If you are a novelist with a few languishing volumes in a drawer, it might be time to try a new approach for breaking into the market. Yes, write a Nonfiction Proposal.

For those with Proposals that would benefit from review, please contact me with details about the project and where you are in the submissions stage with agent and/or publishers.

After the Proposal . . .

Once a proposal has been accepted by a publisher, research and writing begins in earnest. During the writing period, I offer support through brainstorming sessions and timely reviews of chapters and larger sections as they develop.

I edit prose for clarity, concision, and momentum. Hooks should be honed within each chapter; arguments should be lively; pages should flow energetically, like with all good storytelling. I develop these projects with the same level of attention as I develop fiction, using Comprehensive Line Edits and margin comments to adjust prose and to make larger, more substantive suggestions.

Over the course of working with a nonfiction project, I regularly examine multiple versions of chapters, as well as review the final manuscript for unity. Most projects develop in parts, so the cost of editing ranges widely. To discuss cost for your particular project and needs, contact me.

Given the range of subject matter within nonfiction, I am selective in what projects I accept. I take on the following subjects:

  • art
  • art history
  • history
  • photography
books in other areas of the humanities that are aimed at a general audience
  • travel
  • current events (including politics)
  • biography
  • gardening

If you have a project in a different category and are looking for a developmental editor, I can help you locate one more suited to your subject.