Developing Short Fiction & Nonfiction

 While the short story or essay collection is a hard sell these days, the short story, essay, or article is an effective tool for building an author platform. Today, agents seek career authors who demonstrate publishing ability, excellence of craft, and awareness of market. Short stories are not only an excellent method for developing your writing and for building a resume, they also demonstrate your professionalism in finding a venue for your work and in networking along the way.

I have the experience in helping writers develop and polish the first short pieces that lead to publication and the building of an author platform. I work with academics, government and private consultants, businessmen and women, artists, and other individuals. Let me know what I can do for you.

Developing the Short Story

I have no boilerplate service for editing and developing short stories—just an approach. I ask you to allow me the freedom to do whatever I find is needed.

On a first read of a story, this might mean writing up a paragraph or a page of comments and suggestions for revision. If the piece is not ready structurally or conceptually for a line edit, I will not touch the prose. In that case, I will send the story back with a critique of structure, characters, and story viability. Editing short stories is a time-consuming venture, so the prose should be line edited only when the story is near completion.

When I begin working with a new client on her or his stories, I recommend that the author sends a few along. That way, I can let the writer know which is the closest to completion and why.

If you have a story or set of stories ready to develop, let me know and we’ll develop an editing plan together.

Developing the Short Essay & Article

Short essays and articles are pivotal in all walks of life. This might be a brief travel essay to build your platform as a nonfiction writer. It could be your bio page on a company website. It could be a chapter in an anthology that both presents a new idea within your field and establishes you as the person to hire. The possibilities are endless. The given is that it must look and read fabulously.

By and large, editors in magazines and journals are extraordinarily generous in providing comments and in tightening prose. If your query to a specific magazine and/or journal has been accepted, I encourage you to look no further than their services. Unity of voice and structure is important in these venues, and your magazine editor can give you the most helpful advice on that subject.

If you are developing an essay or chapter on your own, or as a part of an anthology with unclear editorial support, I can offer critical critique along the way—just remember the above point that editors will encourage further changes, thereby putting your article in line with the rest of the publication.