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Art Direction for Authors

Art & design services developed specifically for authors

Through web design, author portraits, and social media development, Inkslinger helps authors connect with their readers in more meaningful ways.

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Publishing now requires that authors become their own brand.  This means developing a dynamic website, building community through social media and blogging, and revealing your warmth and enthusiasm through portraits.  And what is the goal of all this work?  To connect emotionally with readers and thus build a community of raving fans.

With the specific needs of authors in mind, I now offer a range of design services to facilitate building these rich connections.

As an Art Director for Authors, I draw on two decades of professional training and experience as graphic designer, art historian, and photographer.  My first full-time position—at the age of 19—was as a graphics designer in an international textile company; within a month, I was the lead designer.  I taught aesthetics and art history to university art students for years.  I’ve long  advised artists and gallerists on verbal and visual presentation of artistic bodies of work.  For over a decade, I’ve exhibited fine art photography across the country in solo and group shows, and I’ve been building and developing websites professionally for over five years.

Author Web Presence

Examples of Recent Web Development Work for Authors & Artists

Website Development

Author Websites are the New Book Jacket.

Whether you’re celebrating a new book release—or demonstrating to potential agents and editors your flair for platform and community building—a fresh website underscores your vibrancy as a writer and as an active presence in the global literary community.

Every website is designed to advance your web strategy.  This might be the building of a loyal community through newsletters and blogging.  It might be to capture your personality—or the personality of your book series’ protagonist.  It might be to create an immersive environment to echo the world of your story.  It might be to generate book sales or possibly to sell you to a new literary agency.  And sometimes, it can be all those things.

From the beginning, I work with you to define these goals.  We design the site with these as our guides.  I take care to present exemplary written words alongside professional visual content, developing original artwork and design concepts for immersive environmental-style websites.

In keeping with the proliferation of smartphone and tablet technology, I develop mobile- and tablet-friendly websites.  Professional editing of photographs—as well as use of a range of royalty-free professional photographs—are included in the standard web design package.  Written content receives editorial attention, and “mock” book covers are designed for projects waiting to find homes with agents and publishers.

And—as with all work contracted with Inkslinger Editing—websites will be completed by deadline.


Contact me today to discuss your goals and to start heightening your web presence.

Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms are proliferating at lightning speed.  Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine … Which of these are for you?  And as an author building a community, do you have to participate in all of them?  And it goes without saying—how do you participate and still have time to write?

To get the most out of social media, authors need to develop a personal social media strategy.  That way, you target the readers you want to welcome into your community and tailor your profile, posts, and activities on any given social media platform.

In conjunction with website development, Inkslinger Editing helps authors decide which social media platform(s) best fit the writer’s personality, interests, and methods for interacting with active and lurking fans.  Together we build enticing profile stories, gather compelling visual and written content, and develop a social media to-do calendar that will have you focused, prepared, and active—all on your own terms.

Author Portraits

A strong web presence necessitates a compelling author portrait.

I am passionate about portrait photography.  Authors living in or visiting New York City can arrange to have portraits taken for book cover jackets, websites, social media profiles, and other publicity materials.