(In AcknowledgementsCatherine Adams, developmental editor extraordinaire, who appeared as if by magic a few months before the manuscript was due, immediately embraced the vision, and proceeded to do her very best to make sure my words rose up to meet it.
(In Acknowledgements)  I am indebted first and foremost to my developmental editor, Catherine Adams of Inkslinger Editing, for reading my mind so brazenly . . .   
Catherine Adams provided for me what I could not do for myself; she gave encouragement and direction. With measured, careful words she was able to pinpoint exactly the difficulties I was having as a writer and where my novel sagged. Because of her gentle mentorship I was able to hear both the encouragement and the criticism without becoming either despondant or defensive. It wasn't long after I revised my work that I was able to secure an agent and I believe that was primarily due to Catherine's guidence. She gives above and beyond what is required of her and I hope she and I will have a long partnership.
Derek Leebaert Author, MAGIC AND MAYHEM
Catherine Adams has been brilliant in helping me clarify my writing.  No one I’ve worked with previously—and that includes editors at the major New York trade publishers, as well as those of university presses—has been so astute at honing an author’s arguments.   She turns complex material into crystal clear prose.  No writer of nonfiction could ask for more, and I’ve urged friends in government, academia, and the media to turn to Inkslinger as well.
Michael F. Stewart Author, ASSURED DESTRUCTION TRILOGY, HURAKAN, 24 BONES & others
I have worked with Catherine on multiple projects: supernatural thriller, urban thrillers, SciFi, and YA. I would unreservedly recommend her to other authors. It is not often that you find someone who has a critical literary eye for genre fiction. On both structural and line by line editorials Catherine raised the level of my writing and improved my manuscripts to a publishable benchmark. She has become part of my writing process. Catherine has not only helped individual manuscripts, but done so in such a way that I can write the next project to a new standard. Teaching the man to fish, so to speak, mentoring and offering up book suggestions that are tailored to my needs. Her unflinching yet constructive criticism is great value, and she will surely help you as much as she has me.
If only we Americans could come up with some viable way to anoint commoners with titles, Catherine Adams would be on my suggested list. To say she 'helped' would be miserably understating the service she performed. More like solidifed, focused, harnessed, my story. Without telling me what to do, she led me to a path of greater understanding of what I was trying to do. Would I go to her again? In less than the beat of the heart of a hummingbird. She is that good.
Jennifer Davis Carey Author, NEAR THE HOPE
(In Acknowledgements)  A bouquet of thanks goes to Catherine Michele Adams of Inkslinger Editing whose patience and ability to separate the wheat from the chaff helped me to listen better to Dellie as I wrote her story.  
Karl Meade Author, ODD JOBS, HALF-LIFE, & others
Catherine Adams has that ideal but too rare combination as an editor: she sees your work clearly as a reader, and she works with you practically as a writer.  I have never had anyone work so much from within my manuscript, someone who understands what my work is trying to do (and why it’s not quite doing it yet), and then suggests writerly solutions that work. Not only did she help me greatly improve my manuscripts, but in the process she taught me how to see my work more objectively. It was both an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with Catherine. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Sherry Clements Author, THE HOLDOUTS
Catherine Adams helped me polish my manuscript and make it shine. I will hire her for my next book, too.
Brian Harvey Author, THE END OF THE RIVER
Catherine is not a knuckle-rapper, and her method is the very opposite of prescriptive. Instead, she has the gift of being able to communicate what is good about your work, and helping you see—through reasoned, readable analysis—how it could be made better. That “could” means everything to a writer: it’s means it's still your book. For my novel Scales, Catherine succeeded in introducing me to characters I thought were mine alone; once I was able to see them through her eyes, I couldn’t wait to improve them. All writers need a Catherine Adams.
M. O'K Author, Poet, Actor
Catherine Adams provides insight, concern, support and a critical eye that raises prose to a better and more powerful level.  I cannot recommend her more highly.
Dorette Snover Cook & Author, CITY OF LADIES
Catherine's expertise was instrumental in transforming my manuscript CITY OF LADIES into a marketable and remarkable story. CITY OF LADIES went on to win First Prize in the 2011 Anderbo/Mercer Street Books Fiction contest. Look to Catherine to be your very own smart, gentle, and classy Book Whisperer.

Here are a few words from some of my clients, some of whom are published with traditional houses and some of whom are indie authors. I take the confidentiality of my clients seriously, so I thank these writers for sharing their experiences.

One word alone describes Catherine’s contribution to my work: brilliant. Catherine’s in-depth review of Fatal Whispers, the second book in my mystery series, teemed with constructive criticism. She identified the strengths and offered thought-provoking comments that helped me eliminate the weaknesses, all the while preserving the storyline and my writing style. It was a pleasure working with such a gifted editor, and I would highly recommend her to other authors.
L'Dawn Author, Activist
Formally educated as a writer, I was well aware of the importance of a good editor. I knew it was a good editor that stood between the writing and the audience, making the work legible--which is to say, marketable. What I didn't realize was how rare a good editor was. After four highly recommended editors and several thousand of dollars later, sadly I concluded that by most standards a "good editor" was simply a grammarian. They knew nothing of the most important element--the content. It was Rebecca Miller's main character in her film, a laser eye editor, that had me calling the prestigious Iowa Writer's Program. I was given Catherine, their most prized editor's number, and soon discovered why. Not only is Catherine extraordinary in the construction of English, but her brilliance and mastery lay in the rare gift of content editing. This makes Catherine the editor of a writer's dreams.
Kevin Actor, Musician, Author
After many months of fluid creativity, the breadth of my memoir had begun to overwhelm me. I had written myself into a corner that only logical sensitivity and professional expertise could guide me out of.  Catherine’s editorial mentoring provided me the tools of the creative process that took a fresh approach to culling my prose by sharpening my sense of just what it was I was trying to say . . . thanks, Catherine.
(In Acknowledgements)  This book owes much to the insights and suggestions of my editor, Catherine Adams of Inkslinger Editing, to whom I am most grateful.  It would no doubt be a better book if I had followed all of them.  
Steven M. Greenberg Author, INCANTATIONS & FLOCKING
Catherine Adams has provided her insightful input for two of my current works-in-progress and I found them to be exactly the factors needed to get me past the difficulties I was encountering with the books. I have worked with other editors for comparison and can state without reserve that Catherine is in a wholly different league. I would recommend her enthusiastically for any writing project. My own endeavors lean toward fiction, and she has proven invaluable in that most difficult of editing tasks. With Catherine, as they say in (my other passion) the car restoration trade: 'Do it once, do it right.